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Gold and silver can protect y

Gold and silver can protect your.

I am sure that all of ous need to save their money and gain profit too. So I have to write this article and say that the best way to save your and gain profit is in the precious material like gold or silver.
Why gold or silver because as we know that gold is the hidden factor of any strong economy, because all credit in any local or international market of a definite currency must have an amount of gold equal this value of credit.
If you buy gold or silver and store it. After short time you will gain a profit, but no thing is hundred percent sure maybe the price of gold fall down but it still the best way to save your money.
You can also trade with gold or silver in FOREX.
FOREX is a large market you can sell or buy any available good in this market 24 hour a day, five days a week.
Gold is witness of being wealthy.
We all know that governments have released sorts of crazy schemes since the financial crisis at 2008.

In an effort to stimulate their economies, the have borrowed trillions of currency units.
But maybe the most reckless policy has been negative inertest rates.

More than 8$ trillion worth of government bonds have negative rates.
 (ECB) introduced them in 2014.
(BOJ) started using them in January.

 Each of These countries thinks negative rates will stimulate their economy.

Some countries do not do this because they think it would not help to stimulate their economy form that. So the do another thing and use another ways to save their country form collapsing.
Finally I think that the best way to save your money as a person or a government lies in silver and gold .

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