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Gold and traditions

Gold and traditions.

In many countries we see that gold have a mainly relation to marriage.
 These countries like (India, china, Marrakech, Egypt and another countries) we will talk about north of Africa definitely Egypt.
 if any young man need to marry his beloved girl he get a bridal gift of gold is known as (shabka) ,so that the cost of marriage in Egypt is very high .
And in low financial resources. As well as the country resources
Is very low so most of the foreign currencies are higher than the Egyptian pound. This thing affects the economy and raises all goods price. so now there is a campaign against tradition in Egypt to grooms buying gold gifts for their brides .lets take a look about the price of gold (one gram of 21 – carat gold has 455 egyptian pounds equal to 50$;38cent  ) recently , and it's not the only cost involved. A man is also expected to buy an apartment and pay a dowry for his wife- to-be.
So we hear about a lot of initiative to put an end to the pricey gifts is gaining momentum.
In Quean an Egyptian village the residents used Friday sermons' to call on people to stop buying gold and instead to give gifts with lower coast than gold like silver as an example.
These initiatives have a large support because it facilitates marriage between young men.
Young men take their turn and released the hash tag
And this hash tag also had large support from civilians, artists and politicians.
Dar-alfta, the Islamic body authorized with issuing religious edicts, also approves, and that would help to facilitate marriage and protect youth from having relationship outside of wedlock.
Many women react positively to the idea, although others want to hold on the tradition.

So finally we recognize from the last example that gold have a tradition important like its economic important. 

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