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Gold is the most important precious material for any country and also in some tradition gold must be a bridal gift. So we must know how gold affect in this large way in the economy and tradition.
The Egyptian pharaohs were regarding gold a very important marital. This can help them in the other life.
Kinds of gold.
>Yellow gold is a mix of gold with silver, zinc and copper it is the purest color, and requires the least maintenance of all the gold colors
>the white gold is mix of gold and platinum white gold is more durable and scratch-resistance than yellow gold. It also more affordable than both.

>rose gold mix of gold, copper and silver. Rose gold is more affordable than the other gold colors because it uses the inexpensive copper for its rose color.
>green gold is a mix of gold silver and some times 
There were many civilizations which Sanctifies gold like roman, Greeks and others.
Gold play an important rule in economy of any country and person's life.
In economy gold like water if you have gold you have life for your economy.
The gold cover is the key to release more credit.
If you do not have gold equal to the credit in your national market, inflation will happen.
Inflation is a big crisis to economy which causes many problems to the government of the country which have inflation. So inflation must be cured in a speedy way.
Central banks always aim to have a cover of gold for their national currency.  There fore they make procedures to save their economy from inflation.

Some countries have gold in their lands, but do not have gold in their banks.
A large in vestment in gold fields will save you an enormous profit. Finally gold is the most important metal.


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